Greg Sestero, The Disaster Artist and the Ever-increasing Mystery of The Room

September 26 2016

Over the weekend, we had an OE Spotlight event with actor Greg Sestero and Tampa Theatre’s James DeFord. For those of you who don’t know who Greg Sestero is or what he has acted in, he played Mark (no last name attached) in the 2003 film titled The Room. The Room–directed, produced and funded by a wraith of a man named Tommy Wiseau, who also starred in the film–has been...

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An Exclusive Interview with Boris Fishman

September 21 2016

Don’t Let My Baby Do Rodeo is the latest release from award-winning novelist and Princeton professor, Boris Fishman. In advance of his presentation at Oxford Exchange on Sunday, October 2, Boris sat down with us to talk about authenticity; advertising; social media; and the long, hard search to find oneself in an age of distraction.     RSVP Now   Oxford Exchange: At their core, your novels are about struggling to...

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An Exclusive Interview with Nathan Hill

September 09 2016

Nathan Hill, author of the highly anticipated and critically-acclaimed debut novel, The Nix, talks to Oxford Exchange about success and failure, expectations and reality, and blind men and elephants. The Nix has already become a New York Times Bestseller and will be made into a television series starring Meryl Streep. He will speaking at Oxford Exchange on Sunday September 18 at 1:30pm.  RSVP Now   Oxford Exchange: The New York Times ran a...

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Hemingway in Paris and the State of Our Arts

September 06 2016

We discuss Hemingway a lot at Oxford Exchange and West and Grand. He may not be everyone’s favorite writer, but he’s someone we’ve all read at some point. Outside of his writing, I think everyone would agree that he has lived a very interesting life. He drove ambulances during World War I, participated in big game hunts in Africa, traveled around with Spanish matadors, and covered the Spanish Civil War....

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A Map of Days, the Self, and Art in a Larger Scope

August 29 2016

Here at Oxford Exchange we have a piece of art currently hanging in The Restaurant titled A Map of Days. It was created by Grayson Perry, a multitalented english artist based in London. On first inspection, the painting looks like a obtuse rendition of a 16th century map of an old european town. The map is made up of random parts without a clear, logistical connection. Rather it appears to be a hodgepodge...

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A Brief Look into the Latest Cultural Repackaging

August 22 2016

“All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.”             – Watchmen The 90's are back, or so I hear.  25 year-olds are wandering parks, face in phone as if it was a see-through Game Boy Color, catching the little pocket monsters of their childhood nostalgia that now appear right on the sidewalk before them. MTV has just announced their MTV Classics channel, perfect for...

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An Introduction to Minor Text and Haruki Murakami

August 16 2016

Minor Text is a book club. Our intended age demographic lies around eighteen, and we’ll usually meet on the last Sunday of the month. From the outside, not much seems to have changed from its precursor, Teen Book Club. Sure the name has changed, but the exigencies remain: you read the book and you discuss its contents at the meeting. It is altogether the same formula. So what has been...

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