Trois Parfums Historiques - Discovery Set
Astier de Villatte

Trois Parfums Historiques - Discovery Set


Reunited in a luxurious golden box, three 10 ml perfume bottles and a book, immerse us in the incredible story of mythical perfumes, unseen for centuries. Rediscovered by historian Annick Le Guérer, formulated by Dominique Ropion, made in Grasse with the finest materials in the world of perfumery. These three perfumes bring us back to the splendours of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and 19th century France.

Le Dieu Bleu. 1600 B.C. Its wonderful, lively, intoxicating scents of woody honeyed broom, mystical and heady myrrh, green and fresh lentisk, and fruity opoponax, carry us away to the colorful splendours of the temples and frescoes of ancient Egypt.

Artaban. The "Royal Perfume", a pure concentrate of the wonderful universe of plants. Delight in its fragrant scents - bitter and sweet marjoram, cardamom with a spicy fruity taste, nard with earthy, resinous and woody accords, and green, herbaceous calamus with multiple fragrant facets.

Les Nuits. In the sumptuously perfumed and opulent wake of the novelist George Sand. An intoxicating scent of Turkish rose, damascena - the most noble, fragrant and luxurious, of earthy, woody, highly sensual patchouli, and of iris with woody powdery accents, powerful and refined.