The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination

The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination


From New York Times bestselling author Brad Montague comes a top-secret, behind-the-scenes peek at the official agency that keeps the world's creativity flowing.

Every day, special figment agent Sparky delivers all the mail the FBI receives to the proper department, like the Office of the Unexplainable or the Department of Dreams. It's a big job, but Sparky keeps everything running smoothly . . . until disaster strikes when the Cave of Untold Stories overflows and threatens to topple the whole bureau. It turns out too many people have been holding in their big ideas, and now Sparky must recruit more agents to share their dreams, songs, and stories with the world. 

And now, dear reader, will you join the effort and become a special agent before it's too late? The FBI is counting on you!

Author: Brad Montague, Brad Montague (Illustrated by), Kristi Montague (Illustrated by).
ISBN: 9780593323472
Hardcover: 40 pages.
Size: 11.4" x 9" x 0.3"