The Enchanted Hacienda
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The Enchanted Hacienda


Perfect for fans of Alice Hoffman and Isabel Allende, a young woman from the magical Estrada family learns how to harness her untapped magic when she opens her heart to love and creativity, in this beautiful coming-to-power story filled with family, romance, and a big dose of magic.

When there’s magic all around you, the possibilities are endless…

When Harlow Estrada is abruptly fired from her dream job and her boyfriend proves to be a misogynistic jerk, her world turns upside down. She flees to the one place she can always call home—the enchanted Hacienda Estrada.

The Estrada family farm in Mexico houses an abundance of charmed flowers cultivated by Harlow’s mother, sisters, aunt, and cousins. By harnessing magic in these flowers, they can heal hearts, erase memories, interpret dreams…but not Harlow. So, when her mother and aunt announce they’re vacationing and Harlow is chosen to watch over the farm, she panics. How can she oversee a magical farm when she, herself, is magic-less

But maybe solitude in an idyllic space is exactly what Harlow needs, because for the first time in a long time, she feels inspired to start writing again, her longtime passion. And this has absolutely nothing to do with the handsome, mysterious man she keeps running into.

With unforeseen twists, romance, and a sprinkle of magic, The Enchanted Hacienda is a captivating coming-of-age debut exploring identity, unconditional family love, and uncovering the magic within us all

Author: J.C. Cervantes.
ISBN: 9780778334057
Hardcover: 368 pages.
Size: 9.2" x 6" x 1.2"