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Cire Trudon Candle - Madurai

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Les Belles Matières Collection.

The Duke of Tuscany first brought jasmine in India in 1690, a flower originally from Arabia. Whether fresh or dried, they still play a quintessential role in India’s myths, legends and daily rituals. At times, jasminum sambac perfumes loose-leaf tea; at others, it is braided into floral necklaces. Revered spiritually, the odorant flower turns into an offering in Hindu temples.

100% vegetable based wax, with a pure-cotton wick and hand-poured glass vessel. Allergen and pesticide free. 

top notes: ylang-ylang / middle notes: sambac jasmine absolute / base notes: benzoin resin

Size: 9.5 oz.

Burn Time: Approximately 65 Hours.