Food Family Repeat - Signed

Food Family Repeat - Signed


Signed copies will be available after the author signing on May 4th, 2024.

The Key to Success in the Kitchen is a Smile and an Open Heart.

For Chef Keysh, affectionately dubbed “your momma’s favorite internet chef,” a great meal begins with your roots. Honoring his Jamaican heritage and crafting inspired remixes of classic dishes put him on the path to culinary stardom. 

Keyshawn Hudson has charmed his loyal following across social media platforms with his charisma and a whole lot of heart. Known for his catchphrases, like “Save this one for later” and “Cook it with a smile”, Keysh’s infectious warmth is captured in every piece of content he posts, and his fans eat up every bit. 

In Food Family Repeat, Chef Keysh delivers delectable, soulful dishes tailored to beginner cooks. This book is simply a collection of what he does best. With chapters like Welcome to Jam Rock (Jamaican Classics), Family Dinner Time, Soul-Filled Holiday Favorites, Anytime Apps, and even Vegan Comfort Classics, Keysh has a recipe that will speak to every craving. Along with the recipes, you’ll find a selection of menus for entertaining, tips for throwing together a gathering on the fly, and meal-prep tricks to make sure you serve up dinner with a smile. 

Whether you’re pulling out all the stops for a Sunday dinner crowd or simply crafting a weeknight meal for two, as long as you’re cooking with love, you’re golden.

Author: Keyshawn Hudson.
ISBN: 9780744094855
Hardcover: 224 pages.
Size: 9.5" x 8" x 0.9"