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If Our Walls Could Talk

If Our Walls Could Talk

Before 420 West Kennedy Boulevard was Oxford Exchange, the building went through many transformations. In its long history it was possibly a stable in the late 19th century and then an arcade of shops in the ‘20s.

In recent years, the building housed an insurance company, a photo studio, and a dentist office. Oxford Exchange opened its doors at 6:30 am on September 24, 2012. If the walls of 420 West Kennedy Boulevard could talk, they would have many stories to tell.  

Here is a sample of 420 West Kennedy’s history and the materials that went into making Oxford Exchange a timeless classic for Tampa. 

Reclaimed Oak | Oxford Exchange was hand-built, using materials from over a dozen countries. Look down at the wood floor throughout Oxford Exchange. This beautiful reclaimed white oak is from a distillery in Kentucky. Also, the floor leading into the building from The Bookstore is slanted, just as the original building was. 

Intentional Light | Creating a space filled with natural light was a priority as Oxford Exchange was being designed. The goal was having natural light anywhere guests gather, including the bathrooms. 

Brick + Petrified Wood | The bricks in The Restaurant were carefully reclaimed from the demolition of the building in its place. The kitchen backsplash is petrified wood from the shores of Thailand after the tsunami in 2009. These pieces were found in North Carolina before they were selected for the design of OE.

Italian Marble | The black and white patterned floor is made of Italian marble that was cut overseas. Pieces were numbered before transit so it could be put reassembled precisely. Oxford Exchange is letting them age for a timeless, classic look. 

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