A Brief Look into the Latest Cultural Repackaging

August 22 2016

“All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.”             – Watchmen The 90's are back, or so I hear.  25 year-olds are wandering parks, face in phone as if it was a see-through Game Boy Color, catching the little pocket monsters of their childhood nostalgia that now appear right on the sidewalk before them. MTV has just announced their MTV Classics channel, perfect for...

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An Introduction to Minor Text and Haruki Murakami

August 16 2016

Minor Text is a book club. Our intended age demographic lies around eighteen, and we’ll usually meet on the last Sunday of the month. From the outside, not much seems to have changed from its precursor, Teen Book Club. Sure the name has changed, but the exigencies remain: you read the book and you discuss its contents at the meeting. It is altogether the same formula. So what has been...

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OE Book Club Favorites

August 11 2016

OE Book Club started almost 4 years ago now. Over its course, we’ve read contemporary novels, classics, short story collections, and even collections of poetry. Discussions have ranged in temperament, the themes and ideas of a book volleyed across the groups own idiosyncratic makeup. It’s difficult, for a newcomer, to gauge the types of books we’ve read or the discussions we’ve had. So here’s a description of some of our...

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Book Review: The Life of the World to Come

August 01 2016

I want you to take a chance on a book.  If we’re honest, almost every book we pick up is a risk.  What if it’s no good?  What if we waste all of our time reading it and are left unsatisfied?  What if it’s “important” or “lyrical” but we hate it?  Maybe it’s considered a great and important work — but what if we can’t even get into it?  On...

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Coping with Tragedy Through Philosophy: Camus, Absurdism, and the Weeks Following the Orlando Shooting

July 25 2016

"However, it is good for man to judge himself occasionally. He is alone in being able to do so." --Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus    In the wake of the events of the past few weeks, many of us have been forced to ask ourselves unanswerable questions: Why? How? What?  Why do we continue to destroy ourselves, destroy one another? How could anyone possibly defend hate and bigotry and...

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Rugby and Golf at the Olympics: Past, Present, Future

July 18 2016

Photo courtesy of New York Public Library digital collections.   After a 92 year hiatus, rugby has made its way back into the Olympic games. The 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil will feature a version of rugby called rugby sevens, a faster and less grueling version of the game. For most Americans, rugby is a foreign sport without much of a following, but now it will be played on an international...

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Isolation and a 21st Century Cure

July 14 2016

Isolation is one of the greatest pains of our existence.  In fact, it's the worst allowable kind of punishment.  Solitary confinement is used only as a last resort in the civilized world.  Saved for all but the hopeless savages of humanity.  I imagine that solitary confinement will be seen centuries from now as we see medieval torture treatments. The point is that isolation hurts.  It is one of the greatest...

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