Wildsam Field Guides: Denver

Wildsam Field Guides: Denver


Wildsam Field Guides: Denver reveals the Mile-High city through local stories, travel intel and modern lore, seeking out the real and rooted things, what's truly authentic and sharing the soul of a place, for travelers and locals alike.

Explore the Mile High city and environs, including:

  • Our curated picks for coffee, bars, cafes and shops
  • Interviews with a wilderness photographer, dispensary owner, ski builder, a governor, and more
  • An illustrated map of craft breweries
  • The best ski runs in Colorado
  • A timeline of the beer industry
  • Personal essays by well-known locals
Author: Taylor Bruce (Edited by), John Vogl (Illustrated by).
ISBN: 9781532373985
Trade Paperback: 144 pages.
Size: 4.2" x 6.5" x 0.3"