What We Wish Were True
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What We Wish Were True


Profound essays on nurturing life while facing a terminal diagnosis, from the dedicated humanitarian and young mother whose writings The New York Times called "nothing less than a master class in how to be fully human"

Non-profit leader and minister Tallu Schuyler Quinn has spent her adult life working to alleviate hunger, systemic inequality, and food waste, first as a volunteer throughout the U.S. and abroad, then as the founder of The Nashville Food Project, where she supported the vibrant community work of local food justice in Middle Tennessee. That all changed just after her fortieth birthday, when she was diagnosed with Stage IV glioblastoma, an aggressive form of terminal brain cancer.
In What We Wish Were True, Tallu achingly grapples with the possibility of leaving behind the husband and children she adores, and what it means to live with a terminal diagnosis and still find meaning. “I think about how my purpose may be the same in death as it continues to be in life—surrendering to the hope that our weaknesses can be made strong, that what is broken can be made whole," she writes. 
In these stunning essays, readers will be moved and encouraged to welcome hope amid trials and to discover beauty in life’s ordinary moments.

Author: Tallu Schuyler Quinn.
ISBN: 9780593442906
Hardcover: 208 pages.
Size: 8.5" x 5.8" x 0.9"