The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit


Emma Thompson sends Peter Rabbit to the fair!

A fair has come to the Lake District! And Peter and Benjamin are forbidden to go. Driven by their ever-insatiable curiosity, the rabbits sneak into the fair to have a look-around. Mesmerized by all the activity, the rabbits stand incredibly still, watching. Suddenly, a little girl picks up Peter, declaring him to be her stuffed animal prize! Covered in kisses and stuffed in her bag, Peter Rabbit is taken on his first-ever roller coaster. Benjamin is barely able to rescue Peter, and the two bound home, smelling of the fair.

Author: Emma Thompson, Eleanor Taylor (Illustrated by).
ISBN: 9780723271161
Hardcover: 72 pages.
Size: 11.1" x 8.6" x 0.5"