The Eagle's Claw
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The Eagle's Claw


The Eagle's Claw: A Novel of the Battle of Midway.

A master of epic military fiction, the New York Times bestselling author of To Wake the Giant makes Midway personal as he takes us inside the hearts and minds of the heroes of one of World War II’s most pivotal moments.

His books have been praised as “paeans to the American fighting man” (Los Angeles Times) and as “pounding with fierce action and human drama, and packed with accurately rendered history” (St. Petersburg Times).

Now Jeff Shaara recounts in electrifying detail the U.S. Navy’s surge to defend its country in what will become known as one of the most definitive and heroic examples of combat ever seen: the Battle of Midway. In this biting new tale, Shaara shares the stories of all ranks and the unique sacrifices each man is compelled to bravely make for the sake of country, freedom, and honor.

Featuring his signature depth of research and “you are there” immediacy, this novel shows once again why Shaara is unequivocally the master of military fiction.

Author: Jeff Shaara.
ISBN: 9780525619444
Hardcover: 352 pages.
Size: 9.5" x 6.4" x 1.1"