The Breach
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The Breach


In this explosive account, a Republican staff member of the January 6th Select Committee—a former Freedom Caucus congressman from Virginia and the committee’s senior technical advisor—details the dangers of the disinformation campaign that is tearing America apart. Combining cutting-edge data analysis, expertise from his career as a decorated intelligence officer, and insights gleaned from within the GOP, Denver Riggleman exposes the full story behind the Capitol attack and hard truths about a nation on the edge.

“Winners make history.” —Kevin McCarthy

Make no mistake: modern information warfare is here and January 6th was just the first battle. That day, an unhinged mindset led to an attack on the Capitol, the most serious assault on American democracy since the end of the Civil War. And that thinking portends even darker days ahead.

In The Breach, a former House Republican and the first member of Congress to sound the alarm about QAnon, Denver Riggleman, provides readers with an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at the January 6th select committee’s investigation. Riggleman, who joined the committee as senior technical advisor after he was asked to help, lays out the full intent and scope of the plot to overturn the election. The book includes previously unpublished texts from key political leaders. And it also contains shocking details about the Trump White House’s links to militant extremist groups—even during the almost-eight-hour period on January 6th when the White House supposedly had no phone calls. The man responsible for unearthing Mark Meadows’s infamous texts shows how data analysis shapes the contours of our new war, telling how the committee uncovered many of its explosive findings and sharing revealing stories from his time in the Trump-era GOP.

With unique insights from within the far-right movement and from the front lines of the courageous team investigating it, Riggleman shows how our democracy is balanced on a knife’s edge between disinformation and truth. Here is a revelatory peek at the inner workings of the January 6th committee and a clear-eyed look at the existential threats facing our republic—and a blueprint for how America can fight to survive the darkest night before the dawn.

Author: Denver Riggleman, Hunter Walker (With).
ISBN: 9781250866769
Hardcover: 288 pages.
Size: 9.6" x 6.5" x 1.2"