See Do Repeat - Signed Paperback
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See Do Repeat - Signed Paperback


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About the book: SEE, DO, REPEAT: The Practice of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a way of life. Much like yoga or meditation, it is not about mastery, but about the practice, that brings transformation and change. A business founder builds and creates, what might become a very successful business, but to be sure, they never stop learning along the way. They continue to practice entrepreneurship, and they grow.

While entrepreneurship is never easy or simple, having a focused way to develop your entrepreneurial practice, can be extremely valuable. In fact, having a curated approach, which can be integrated into everyday life and work, may be the only way someone who is working 24/7 on an entrepreneurial venture, can take the time to improve their practice.

This book is about developing the practice of entrepreneurship. The ability to recognize an entrepreneurial opportunity, the willingness to act on it, and the resilience and perseverance to execute past failure.

Author: Rebecca White.
ISBN: 9781736938850