Saints of Old Florida

Saints of Old Florida

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Saints of Old Florida by Melissa Farrell, Emily Raffield, Christina McDermott.

Saints of Old Florida is about life along the Florida Panhandle. Particularly the more undiscovered areas of Port St. Joe, St. Vincent's Island, Indian Pass, St. George Island, Apalachicola, St. Teresa, and St. Marks. These coastal towns are indeed the "Saints" mentioned in the title - as they were all named by early Spanish settlers to the area. 

Saints of Old Florida shares the coastal life of today, but also the history and age-old stories that are the culture here. A time-honored feel that you don't find in many places - our book shares just that and explains why and how the essence of Old Florida exists... and survives. Saints of Old Florida is a collaboration by three creatives at different stages in life - 20s, 40s, 60s - but who all share a rich and heartfelt history with Old Florida, a passion for the area and its coastal lifestyle. 

AuthorsMelissa Farrell, Emily Raffield, Christina McDermott.

Hardcover. 252 Pages.

Publisher: PRC Book Printing.

ISBN: 9780578171470

Size: 9" x 11" x 2.5"