The Gargoyle Hunters - Signed


The Gargoyle Hunters: A Novel by John Freeman Gill.

OE Bookshelf pick for March, 2017. 


With both his family and his city fracturing, thirteen-year-old Griffin Watts is recruited into his estranged father’s illicit and dangerous architectural salvage business. Small and nimble, Griffin is charged with stealing exuberantly expressive nineteenth-century architectural sculptures—gargoyles—right off the faces of unsung tenements and iconic skyscrapers all over town.


Desperate both to connect with his father and to raise cash to pay the mortgage on the brownstone where he lives with his mother and sister, Griffin is slow to recognize that his father’s deepening obsession with preserving the architectural treasures of Beaux Arts New York is also a destructive force, imperiling Griffin’s friendships, his relationship with his very first girlfriend, and even his life.


Author: John freeman Gill.

Hardcover: 352 Pages.

Publisher: Knopf.

ISBN: 978-1101946886

Size: 6.6" x 1.3" x 9.5"



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