Lure of Sarasota and Her Islands
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Lure of Sarasota and Her Islands

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Living most of her life on islands off Florida's Gulf Coast, Mary Lou's artistic creations are inspired by the watery scenes and their infinite array of color, mood and composition. Retiring from her private practice as a marriage and family therapist and divorce mediator, she plunged into her love of photography and digital painting capturing God's beauty around her.

The Love of Sarasota and Her Islands is Mary Lou's second book of fine art. her first book, The Lure of Longpoint Key, sold out in eight months, and is currently in second printing. This award-winning book was featured in New York City at the International BookExpoUSA.

Mary Lou loves the exciting pursuit of the initial image as well as her creative digital painting process that transforms the image into her vision. Personally and spiritually, the process is challenging and fulfilling. She supports conservation of our natural world and strives to encourage others to observe and protect the beauty around us. With her images, collectors around the world being exquisite outdoor scenes into their personal home and work spaces. Numerous art honors and awards include juried local, state, national, and international competitions. Mary Lou was a Finalist in NY Times Square International Competition and a Finalist in photographer of the year for Popular Photography Magazine, Southern Boating, Sarasota Herald, Siesta Observer, Longboat Key Observer, Longboat Key News, and numerous other magazines and newspapers, including covers of the Sarasota Magazine and The Longboat Key Isles Magazine.

Mary Lou regularly lends her creative talents to many non-profits that she is involved with in the Sarasota area. When not traveling, photographing, and creating new art, Mary Lou fills her soul playing with her precious grandchildren. In between those times, she loves playing tennis with friends, Peloton spinning, kayaking, running, and reading.

Author: Mary Lou Johnson.
ISBN: 0989876713
Hardcover: 124 pages.