Monocle Travel Guide - Los Angeles

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The Monocle Travel Guide Series: Los Angeles
The definitive travel guides that make you feel like a local wherever you go. Monocle -- the magazine that covers urbanism and the city design like no other -- knows about the hidden gems in all the great cities. It also knows where to take an ambassador for breakfast, an on-the-go businessman for a late night cocktail, or where to get an astute concierge at ungodly hours.
Its deep understanding of cities and all they have to offer has been compiled in the new Monocle Travel Guides. Wiith editions for London and Tokyo, followed by New York and Hong Kong, these beautiful books reveal the Monocle team's favorite places, from the ideal route for an early morning run to the best spots for independent retail. Aimed at people who do not want to be tourists but rather feel like locals when they travel, these are books for those who want to mix the classic with the contemporary, want to get beyond the cliches, and know they can get a feel for a city even if they only have a few days.
And they are full of surprises and quirks: the books will guide you to a grand hotel but also to a cozy two-star, and will leave you drinking in a local corner bar or being served by a great waiter who knows his craft-while being wary of pushing you into the newest, hippest, soulless bar. Created by the Monocle design team, these authoritative guides will be trim enough to drop into your pocket and wise enough to stay by your side throughout your travels.
Author: Monocle.
Hardcover: 140 Pages.
Publisher: Gestalten.  
ISBN: 978-3899555752
Size: 5.7" x 0.5" x 8.4"