Living with Color
Penguin Random House

Living with Color


In this vibrant, lush home-decor lookbook and manual from the author of Living with Pattern, textile designer Rebecca Atwood explains how to create a color palette, teaching readers to find what resonates with their personal aesthetic and bring the magic of color into their homes.

In her first book, Living with Pattern, textile designer Rebecca Atwood demystified how to conceptualize and feature pattern in your home designs. Now in Living with Color, Atwood delivers another definitive style guidebook that is both an aspirational design showcase and a highly readable, attainable how-to. She starts with the basics, such as complementary colors, the color wheel, and choosing your personal palette, then explains how to pair groups of colors room by room, showing all aspects of color design from walls to throw pillows. The book is filled with stunning photography of real homes around the country that beautifully display color in layers, patterns, and use.

Author: Rebecca Atwood.
ISBN: 9781524763459
Hardcover: 272 pages.
Size: 10.2" x 8.2" x 0.9"