How to Write a Letter
Clarkson Potter

How to Write a Letter


The go-to resource for creative ideas and helpful tips for writing thank you notes, addressing envelopes, cover letters, and everything in between.

Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker are the creators of Sugar Paper, a national, high-end stationery brand based out of Los Angeles. Like their delicate and artisanal aesthetic, How to Write a Letter is a carefully crafted book full of charm and nostaglia detailing the art of meaningful, handwritten correspondence.

Even in the age of the almighty email, letter writing and its etiquette is a timeless topic, so this little book has you covered whether you’re crafting a professional follow-up, writing thank you notes, marking major milestones, expressing heartfelt condolences, or just keeping in touch. It also includes information on choosing the perfect stationery and addressing envelopes for every occasion, making this book as useful as it is gorgeous.

Author: Chelsea Shukov, Jamie Grobecker.
ISBN: 9781984825902
Hardcover: 144 pages.
Size: 7.3" x 5.2" x 0.6"