Highway Blue

Highway Blue


A road trip. A love story. A tale of discovery. This is a hypnotic debut of broken love on the run, from a blazingly original writer.

In front of me the long length of the road wound out, wound out and wound on under hot sky. And I drove…”

Highway Blue tells the story of Anne-Marie and Cal: the story of their brief marriage, and also of their long estrangement. And when a violent ambush hurls the two of them cross-country on the road, it becomes the story of their search for salvation. On their ill-at-ease odyssey along the darker seams of the country—from sweaty motel rooms and darkened parking lots, encountering other whisky-soaked souls along the way—Anne-Marie sifts through the consequences of their crime. But this is also the story of love, in all its broken forms, and how the pursuit of love is, in turn, a kind of redemption.

Written in spare, shimmering prose, this is a novel of tragedy and transcendence, of being lost and found across a vast, almost mythical American landscape. With all the power and grace of a latter-day Denis Johnson, Highway Blue introduces an electrifyingly singular and brilliant new voice.

Author: Ailsa McFarlane.
ISBN: 9780593229118
Hardcover: 192 pages.
Size: 7.8" x 5" x 0.8"