The High 5 Daily Journal
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The High 5 Daily Journal


Supercharge your confidence daily with this guided journal that is a companion to the global #1 bestseller The High 5 Habit

Unlock The Most Powerful Force In The World: You. The High 5 Daily Journal will help you build a confident mind, body, and spirit with daily prompts, weekly themes, and exercises to help make your dreams a reality.Using this journal, you will build the discipline, confidence, and habits you need to know that you can always count on yourself. Face any challenge. Surmount any obstacle. You’ll see yourself waking up every day, inching closer to what you want, and becoming the person you know you were born to be.The High 5 Daily Journal is...

Backed by Powerful Science: The exercises in this journal are based on research and evidence. These daily practices in confidence, visualization, and mindset will change your brain’s neural pathways and create new habits that will transform every aspect of your life.

The Path to Simple Discipline and Profound Results: These exercises are simple, but over time their impact on your life will be profound. New ways of acting lead to different ways of thinking and feeling. In the beginning, these changes are things you do, and over time, they become a part of who you are.

So that you can:

Believe In Your Dreams Again: Your dreams are out there waiting for you. But you need to believe in them and take action. This daily journal will train your body, mind, and spirit to both pick up on the clues life is sending you, and cultivate the courage to move toward them.

Celebrate Your Life: It’s pretty simple: you’re not cheering yourself forward and that’s holding you back. With this journal, every day you’ll be more present to who you are, what you want, and how you show up. By cheering for yourself and developing the habits to keep cheering no matter what, you will burst through what’s blocking you.

Take Control and Live With Confidence: Following the steps outlined in this journal, you will tap into your natural confidence and let it flow through your body, enhance your mind, and awaken your spirit. The more you use this journal, the faster confidence becomes a habit. The weekly themes will ground you with intention and provide control and structure in your life. 

Author: Mel Robbins.
ISBN: 9781401963422
Diary: 232 pages.
Size: 9.2" x 6.3" x 0.8"