Don't Let My Baby Do Rodeo - Signed


Don't Let My Baby Do Rodeo: A Novel by Boris Fishman.


Max’s biological mother left him with the cryptic exhortation “don’t let my baby do rodeo”. With that, Max suddenly turns feral, consorting with wild animals, eating grass, and running away to sit face down in a river.


Searching for answers, Max's immigrant adoptive mother Maya convinces his adoptive father Alex to embark on a cross-country trip to Montana to track down Max’s birth parents—the first drive west of New Jersey of their American lives. But it’s Maya who’s illuminated by the journey, her own erstwhile wildness summoned for a reckoning by the unsparing landscape, with seismic consequences for herself and her family.


Author: Boris Fishman.

Hardcover: 336 Pages.

Publisher: Harper. 

ISBN: 978-0062384362

Size: 6" x 1.1" x 9"


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