Corsica Cookbook


Corsica: Recipes and Stories from a Mediterranean Island by Nicolas Stromboli.


Relatively unexplored by visitors from outside Europe (although it attracts an estimated three million from France annually), Corsica is a Mediterranean island steeped in a rich food culture. With incredible geography—from the mountains to the plains and the stunning coastline—Corsica has long been a well-loved idyll for those in the know. It is also home to a unique cuisine—blending the best of French and Italian food—that respects its homegrown produce: citrus fruits, grapes, chestnuts, cheese, herbs, fish, seafood, and charcuterie.

But Corsica is more than a collection of recipes, as the book also brings together portraits of those who live and work there, and those instrumental in maintaining Corsica’s rich food culture.


Author: Nicolas Stromboli.

Hardcover: 320 Pages.

Publisher: Smith Street Books.

ISBN: 9781925418521

Size: 8" x 1.3" x 11.7"

type: Default vendor: Rizzoli


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