The Awesome Human Project
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The Awesome Human Project


Struggle less and live your best life—with a program that’s helped millions to gain more energy and resilience.

Are you overwhelmed by work, relationships, and responsibilities—and wrestling with inner doubt and fear of burning out?

"Challenges in life are constant. But struggle is optional," Nataly Kogan reassures us. "You can't always control what comes your way, but you can change how you meet those demands."

A leading expert on emotional fitness and leadership, Nataly has helped more than a million people live with greater resilience and joy. Now, with The Awesome Human Project, she makes available to all of us her proven method for reducing daily struggle and burnout, so we can live and work with more energy, joy, and meaning.

"Small changes in mindset can create big impacts in your ability to thrive in work and life," Nataly teaches. In a supportive, no-BS, energetic voice, she shows you how to handle pressure with self-compassion, reduce self-doubt by editing your brain’s stories, and strengthen your emotional fitness skills so you can not just survive but grow through challenges.

Nataly guides you every step of the way with relatable stories, insightful self-exploration exercises, talk-back-to-your-brain scripts, and simple, science-backed practices for both immediate relief and long-term growth—to become the awesome human that you're meant to be.

Author: Nataly Kogan.
ISBN: 9781683647850
Hardcover: 312 pages.
Size: 8.3" x 5.3" x 1.4"