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African Mud Cloth - Spindle

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Bògòlanfini -- most commonly known as mud cloth -- is a handmade Malian cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud. The creation of Bògòlanfini is a common practice of the Mali people, where men weave the cloth and the women dye it. The dye is typically made from mashed and boiled n'gallama tree leaves, then left out in the sun to dry. Designs are then painted on by use of metal or wood dipped in clay that has fermented for up to a year. The excess mud is then removed, leaving behind the stained design that adheres to the dye. Finally the cloth is bleached to remove the dye, and the cloth becomes white.

The designs represent symbols that tell a story. Each design is different and have their own significance. Men wear them to represent their status as a hunter and women often adorn them as wraps.



Material: Cotton. Fermented Mud Dye.