A Message from Oxford Exchange

“I understand that I will never understand, but I will stand with you.” - anonymous

The horrific murder of George Floyd has caused our nation to pause. It surfaced the truth that racism is very real in our society. We join those around the country who are looking for answers, praying for healing, and calling for action. We believe Black Lives Matter. Black lives are needed, Black lives are worthy, and Black lives are valuable.

Systemic racism is unfair and unjust. We stand with those who are victimized and stereotyped daily for the color of their skin. Injustice and racism have no place in our organizations, on our teams, and in our community. And for this reason, we must work to become a more effective part of the solution.

Fostering community through fellowship and humility have always been values of Oxford Exchange. We strive to learn and to promote learning. During the past few weeks we have been listening. We have learned that we can and must do better at making diversity and inclusion a priority. We are passionate about both long-term and immediate change. Here is where we are starting.

What We Are Doing

— Donations

Donations have been made to the following organizations:

— Elevating Black Voices

For the month of June, 100% of sales from books by Black authors will be donated to Teaching Tolerance (tolerance.org)

— Continued Learning

We are offering our employees a complimentary book from the following list:

Portrait Wall

Our team is currently voting on who they would like to see on the portrait wall. We are taking the time to learn about the influential and impactful stories of Black figures in Tampa history.

What We Will Do

— Hiring Practices

We are committed to auditing our hiring practices, including cross-training and recruitment opportunities. Also, all current and future employees will be required to take diversity and inclusion training.

— Supporting Black Vendors

We are committed to learning about more Black vendors, makers, and creators to add to our selection in The Shop. We want our purchasing power to be an agent of change.

— Supporting Black Voices

We will continue to support Black authors in The Bookstore. We are raising our standard to a higher percentage of Black voices represented. Learn more about the Black authors we currently have available and stay tuned for more voices.

— Voter Registration Campaign

We encourage everyone to have a voice through the act of voting. We are working on a week-long voter registration campaign that will take place within our building.

— Continued Donations

We will continue to financially support organizations that stand for inclusion, diversity, and equality.

What We Have Done

We have been an active part of the Tampa community for 60+ years. We have donated, volunteered, and served organizations that are making an impact in the local community. We are committed to using our influence moving forward for inclusion, diversity, and equality.

— Supporting Black Voices

We will continue to support Black authors in The Bookstore and in our Programming events.

In the past, we have hosted the following authors/speakers:

Over the past 18 months, our OE Bookshelf monthly first-edition club has featured the following books by Black authors:

Learn more about the Black authors we currently have available in our online shop. Even more are available on our shelves.

— Donations

Among other cultural and civic organizations, donations have been made to:

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