Our Concepts

The Peabody

George Peabody (1795-1869) believed in the power of the artist to enrich the lives of others. The Peabody is inspired by its namesake library in Baltimore, the first major arts and intellectual center in an American city.
Here, the familiar aroma of coffee, the promise of a fine meal, and the anticipation of friendly buzz offer a reprieve from the daily chaos. It is where locals come to refill their cup, proverbially, and often quite literally.

The Alexander Brown

The Alexander Brown building has called the corner of Baltimore and Calvert Street home for over two centuries, providing an epicenter of banking and business to the City of Baltimore. Today, the iconic building is setting out on a new chapter with a new type of commerce, while still holding on to its legacy. It’s not about starting over, it’s about embracing what you already have — and The Alexander Brown Restaurant hopes to do just that. The A.B. will provide a historic setting for modern conversation, phenomenal food, and worldly design.  

The Stovall House

Steeped in over 100 years of history, The Stovall House will be an intimate escape from everyday life, inviting members to use the estate as it best suits their lifestyle and needs.
We look forward to providing a private and comfortable environment, allowing each member to enjoy the simplest things in life, alongside world-class amenities. Each space will be designed around recharging, reflecting, connecting, and learning, with personalized service at every corner.