A Deadly Sleep - Everbeach #3
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A Deadly Sleep - Everbeach #3


Edgy suspense and slow-burn romance are back as the friends return to Everbeach-only to find that danger followed them home.

Determined to unravel the dark dealings of an illicit enterprise discovered in Jamaica, Dawn and Elle join forces with a brother-sister hacker team.

While the investigation intensifies, Dawn struggles to reconcile new perspectives with her parents, church, and longtime boyfriend. Elle's dad gets more serious with his girlfriend-leaving her juggling scheming twins, grieving her mother's death, and deciphering her attraction to an unavailable boy.

After a mysterious stalker, bloody omen, and death threat make it clear someone doesn't want them digging for answers, the friends feel the pressure of this deadly game. But a terrible "accident" on a ski trip could ruin their chance to expose who's behind the evil in Everbeach.

The third installment in a binge-worthy series, A Deadly Sleep delivers romantic intrigue and page-turning suspense for fans of Riverdale and dark fairy tales.

Author: Sorboni Banerjee, Dominique Richardson.

ISBN: 9781953944986
Paperback: 324 pages.
Size: 0.81" x 8.0" x 5.0"