Longevity Bracelet - Clay Tassels
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Longevity Bracelet - Clay Tassels


Featuring nine beads, the Longevity Bracelet is a small token wishing for longevity.

In Chinese numerology, specific numbers are regarded as lucky because of their similar pronunciation to other words. The number nine (九, jiǔ in Mandarin; gáu in Cantonese) is a homophone to 久 ever-lasting (jiǔ in Mandarin; gáu in Cantonese) which has made it a symbol of longevity and eternity. A romantic gesture that incorporates the number nine is a symbolic expression of eternal love.

Adjustable Bracelet Sizing
This bracelet is adjustable, with a length that can be adjusted between 6” - 9.25”. This size will fit most. The widest part of your hand should measure less than 9.5” in circumference.

Size – 6” - 9.25”, adjustable
Materials – 14k gold-filled hoops, 14k gold-filled beads, silk cord