Wildsam Field Guides: Pacific Northwest

Wildsam Field Guides: Pacific Northwest


Wildsam Field Guides: Pacific Northwest leads travelers on a ramble through the Far Corner with guidance from trusted locals experts.

Discover local stories, travel intel, and modern lore, including:

  • Where to find oysters, pinot noir and Oregon berries
  • Secrets of the coastal rainforests and Ice Age floods
  • Lodges and inns for beach, high desert and deep forest
  • Scenic roads, hikes, seaplane and boat destinations
  • Historic lore on the Oregon Trail, Pendleton Round-Up and communes
  • Three restaurants for the perfect Seattle food day
  • Guides to remote wonders in the Alvord Desert and Hanford Reach
  • Original writing by Smith Henderson, Emma Noyes, Leah Sottile and Marjorie Celona
  • Stories and local voices including Cheryl Strayed, Kyle MacLach

This handsome volume features archival history and interviews delving into fishing, shipwrecks, the Oregon Trail, back-to-the-land counterculture, beavers and mountain men.

Author: Taylor Bruce (Edited by), Victor Melendez (Illustrated by).
ISBN: 9781467199438
Trade Paperback: 144 pages.
Size: 6.5" x 4.2" x 0.3"