Ultimate Toys For Men

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Ultimate Toys For Men by Michael Brunnbaurer.

Matchbox cars give way to high-end sports cars, model boats become motorboats and sailing yachts, and the plastic wristwatch turns into a Swiss chronograph with a perpetual calendar and minute repeater. In the latest volume is presented the ultimate wish list, a selection of the most exclusive, most innovative, and most luxurious toys that men with money can buy. Of course, the list includes the classic Lear jets, mega- yachts, and super sports cars―the truly giant and great things that move men in the air, on water, or on land. But it also includes the little gadgets―from headphones and wristwatches to SLR cameras―that make tech-loving men’s hearts beat a little faster. 

Author: Michael Brunnbaurer.
Hardcover: 256 Pages.
Publisher: teNeues.
ISBN: 9783961710188
Size: 11.2" x 1.3" x 13.6"