Wildsam Field Guides: Brooklyn

Wildsam Field Guides: Brooklyn


The updated edition of Wildsam Field Guides: Brooklyn is a story-based travel guide for the best experience of Brooklyn, revealing this eclectic city in New York through local stories, travel intel and modern lore. A must-have for any seasoned traveler, Wildsam Field Guides seek out the real and rooted things in each destination, discovering what's truly authentic and sharing the soul of a place, for travelers and locals alike.

Visit the New York borough of Brooklyn, including:

  • Seven restaurants that reveal Brooklyn's epic range of international foodways
  • An illustrated guide for kids
  • Actress Rosie Perez on growing up in Bushwick
  • Quick bios of famous Brooklyn mobsters
  • The original egg cream recipe
  • A 1949 account of Jackie Robinson's racial triumphs
  • A deep dive into hip hop's cultural roots
  • Where to eat the finest slice of pizza
Author: Taylor Bruce (Edited by).
ISBN: 9781467199643
Trade Paperback: 144 pages.
Size: 6.5" x 4.2" x 0.3"