Sun House - Signed
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Sun House - Signed


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An epic comedy about love, spirit, and the quest for transcendence in an anything-but-transcendent America, set amid the gorgeous landscapes of the American west: “A profound gift to readers” (Hank Lentfer) from the author of the perennial cult bestsellers The River Why and The Brothers K.
A random bolt from a DC-8 falls from the sky, killing a child and throwing the faith of a young Jesuit Jesuit into crisis.  A boy’s mother dies on his fifth birthday, sparking a lifetime of repressed anger that he unleashes once a year in reckless duels with the Fate, God, or Power who let the coincidence happen. A young woman on a run in Seattle experiences a shooting star moment that pierces her with a love that will eventually help heal the Jesuit, the angry young man, and innumerable others.

The journeys of this unintentional menagerie carry them to the healing lands of Montana and a newly founded community—where nothing tastes better than Maker's Mark mixed with glacier ice, and nothing seems less likely than the soul-filling delight a troupe of spiritual refugees, urban sophisticates, road-weary musicians, and local cowboys begin to find in each other's company.           

With Sun House, David James Duncan continues exploring the American search for meaning and love that he began in his acclaimed novels The River Why and The Brothers K.

Author: David James Duncan.
ISBN: 9780316129374
Hardcover: 784 pages.
Size: 9.8" x 6.6" x 1.6"