How to be Yourself

How to be Yourself


How to be Yourself: Life Changing Advice from A Reckless Contrarian.

An irreverent book of radically honest advice by renowned fashion arbiter and legendary window dresser Simon Doonan.

Through his unconventional wisdom and singular storytelling, Simon Doonan is the ideal instructor to help readers find - and then flaunt - their own creative style and vision. With provocative wit, he walks us through every aspect of our lives: fashion, socializing, love, work, decor, and family, while staying true to who we are even when our culture conspires to pull us away from our center. This is a survival guide for the new decade - literary GPS that promises to bring us back to ourselves.

Author: Simon Doonan.
ISBN: 9781838661410
Paperback: 160 pages.
Size: 7" x 4.9" x 1"