101 Things I Learned® in Fashion School
Penguin Random House

101 Things I Learned® in Fashion School


A guide to surviving and thriving in fashion school, from an award-winning fashion designer and illustrator.

Success in fashion school requires more than a passion for fashion; it calls for the student to understand the cultural forces that shape what we wear and why we wear it; to develop a wide range of practical, aesthetic, and intellectual skills; and to work hands-on. This accessible guide assists the aspiring fashion designer on this journey with unique, illustrated lessons on such topics as:

  • How to identify the target customer, set priorities, select fabrics, and integrate details
  • How to measure the human form, cut fabric, and pivot a dart
  • Why you haven’t designed a garment if you don’t know how it will be made
  • How the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima reshaped our understanding of fashion
  • Illustration fundamentals, including proportions, poses, lighting, and rendering
  • Practical information on the industry, including key terms, who does what, and the workings of the fashion calendar

Written by an experienced fashion designer, illustrator, and instructor, 101 Things I Learned in Fashion School is an essential resource for beginning fashion students, recent graduates, experienced professionals, and anyone looking for a deeper understanding of how and why the clothes we wear—or choose not to wear—are designed and made.

Author: Alfredo Cabrera, Matthew Frederick.
ISBN: 9781524761981
Hardcover: 216 pages.
Size: 5.3" x 7.3" x 0.2"