Cowrie Mini Bolga Bag
Indego Africa

Cowrie Mini Bolga Bag


Behind the Design: 
Bolga basket-weaving is a quintessential Ghanaian craft hailing from the country’s northern Bolgatanga region, where artisans use local elephant grass to create handwoven bolga baskets. To start, the artisans soak the grass in water and twist the strands together in small bunches to make them more durable. Next, the artisans hand-dye the grass or start weaving, beginning at the base of the basket and working their way up to the rim. The baskets are then topped with a handle, 
accented with faux leather, or adorned with cowrie shells, which are symbolic of destiny, prosperity, and strength. The cowrie shell was considered particularly valuable by various tribes in West Africa who used the shell as a form of currency until the early 20th century. The shells were so treasured that Ghana named its current currency (the “cedi”) after these marine mollusks.

Material: 100% elephant swamp grass. Faux leather wrapped handle. Small cowrie accents.
Size: 6.5" x 7"
Care: Spot clean

Indego Africa:

The artisan sector is the second largest employer in the developing world. Yet the majority of artisans are women who lack access to export markets, business skills, and the financial tools needed to run successful, global enterprises.
Indego Africa is dedicated to changing that by investing 100% of their profits into education programs for the women who handcraft our products and youth in their communities. Since 2007, they've provided over 1,100 artisans and 250 young people in Rwanda & Ghana with employment opportunities, entrepreneurship training, and consistent access to the global export market.