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A Year in Review and the Year to Come

A Year in Review and the Year to Come


2016 has ended and on we go into the new year. This last year for some has been bewildering on many levels and for others less so. Whatever we make of it all, our personal interpretations stays just that, personal. Our independent readings can be either positive or negative, or more realistically, an incomprehensible mixture of the two. It relies entirely on the person. So the year has come and gone, and here we are entering another. I make no prognostications about what will happen. 

I’d like to focus on topics other than celebrity deaths and politics, specifically. And maybe express some ideas surrounding cultural infatuation and on-going, base refusal of looking simultaneously within and without. 

I think we can all agree that after this past year, we see there is a divide in this country and the world. A myriad of people have disagreements about myriad of things, but this is normal. This naturally fuels progress. But recently, the cultural eye has a way of latching itself onto one specific story or trait before quickly disengaging to find something else, providing us only a small glimpse into the crux of the issue.

I’ll try not to make sweeping statements or empty platitudes here, but I believe the attention span of the public is shrinking. We show a great burst of energy, only for it to be shelved in a forlorn room definitively called the past. We watch in horror the atrocities committed in foreign places and within our own country, yet we only spare an ephemeral thought about it. We come to the conclusion that certain circumstances or views should be shunned, but fail to excavate further to answer laughably simple questions such as how or why. 

This pandemic is further substantiated by our reluctance to confront a mindset outside our own. We look within or without but never both concurrently. We have our subset of views, and we approach those differing not just with reluctance, but with ire and disbelief. We no longer disagree solely on methods, we disagree on the goals. But this can change. 

In the new year I hope we all take the time to walk the path towards our each and every conclusion. I’m not condemning a certain way of thinking, but I want myself and others to calmly assess certain opinions, views, facts, stories, art; whatever it is we come across, and ask ourselves what it means to us, you, me, them and all. I’d like there to be more communication. I don’t think there's necessarily more hostility during the day to day, but there’s definitely room to improve. Hopefully, 2017 will point us all in the right direction. 


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