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Megan & Ben: An Oxford Exchange Wedding Story

“After a stressful week of moving out of my family home, and after about an hour of playing our old songs, Ben took me by our high school hangout park on the way to a birthday dinner with his fam. It had just started raining as he opened my car door, and all at once, it hit me. He was about to propose. After walking up to the fountain, and saying many cute and sweet things that I was too elated to even hear, Ben got down on one knee, with the biggest smile on his face, and asked me to marry him.  As he shakily put the ring on my finger, I said “yes, of course!” in the most blissful state. One of our best friends jumped out from hiding to take pictures, and the happy tears began to flow.” – Bride, Megan Lopez


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Megan and Ben since the beginning. Since the phrase “we’re talking” was a thing, when they were just 16 years old. Nine years later they were married, surrounded by loved ones.

I had the privilege to stand next to Megan on one of the biggest moments of her life. These two have always been filled with love and support for each other, and it shined so radiantly on April 18th, 2015.

“When Oxford Exchange first opened, I fell in love with it’s atmosphere, botanical look, and beautiful architecture. I always feel blissful when I’m there. The vibe, the aromas, and so much beauty everywhere I look. When we went to meet with [the private events team] to find out more regarding wedding details, we immediately knew: this is where our wedding reception would be,” Megan says.

On the day of the wedding, everyone united at what was already a place of happiness; where a lifetime of happiness was just starting. A place where people come together to socialize, to tell stories; where a new chapter was being written.

The room was filled with warmth. Bliss shined throughout every detail; the baby’s breath and eucalyptus leaves on the zinc topped tables, the candle light encompassing the pure white bricks, and finally the laughs that echoed through the black and white marble tiles all the way to the books adorning dark stained oak shelves.

The night was filled with new beginnings, new friends, new loves, all brought together by a place filled with stories; friends coming together in an atmosphere destined for reuniting.


Maggie Andretta

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