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OE Market Juice Cleanse

There’s something nostalgic about the delicate clinking of glass bottles.

Like subtle musical notes of days gone by, glass bottles clink as OE Market visitors – ranging from wholistic health aficionados to curious newcomers – select from the rainbow of contents.

Chefs suited in what’s become signature “Oxford grey” attire swing back and forth from beyond a buzzing kitchen, almost constantly restocking a selection of cold-pressed juices in clear, glossy glass bottles, while plaid and denim clad cashiers excitedly describe the flavors and benefits each recipe offers to interested locals.

OE Market Green Bliss

Right now, Green Bliss, packed with kale and spinach, reigns as the most popular juice.

Cold-pressing is a decades old technique of extracting the highest amount and the highest quality of the nutrient dense liquid contained in fruits and vegetables through immense pressure, taking up to several hours for leafy produce such as kale.

Cold-pressed juices are minimally processed, subjected to zero heat and zero additives resulting in a pure, unadulterated concoction, exactly the way nature intended.

All of our OE Market ingredients are organic, and locally sourced whenever possible. Essentially, each one of our bottles brings garden fresh goodness directly to your taste buds, in delicious chef approved combinations. We’ve taken the guess work out of juicing.

OE Market Juice Cleanse

But why juice?

Simply stated, it tastes good and it’s good for you. Juicing isn’t just another fad diet that has swept the nation since the first juice bars popped up in New York and L.A. in the late nineties. Juicing is a part of a lifestyle committed to healthful and sustainable living.

Consuming clean, natural foods is the simplest way to nourish your body. Whether you’re sipping a refreshing bottle of OE Citrus Ade with your lunch or devoted to days of juice cleansing, you’re flooding your body with nutrients essential for optimal energy, healthy digestion and disease prevention.

A juice cleanse is not designed to restrict you, but to reset you, preparing your body and mind for decreasing – or better yet, eliminating – harmful dietary habits at your own pace.

Juice markets are making their way into Tampa as a sign of increasing health consciousness and a growing desire to treat our bodies, environment and local economy better.

As Tampa begins to revive the farm-to-table concept, an old fashioned glass bottle filled with nothing but the best for you is just another part of that movement back to our roots. It’s our mission to guide you safely and deliciously along your way.

OE Market

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” — Hippocrates

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